our origins 

-the time lock story-


Towards the end of World War II British forces discovered a top secret German research facility

Hitler had established operation Schildkröte as a way for his forces to travel back in time and try to win battles that had previously been lost


Operation Schildkröte was headed by Professor Heinz Zeitmeister,

He was deliberately sabotaging his own work in an attempt to stop Hitler's evil plan



After World War II had finished

 Professor Zeitmeister began to work for the British government and tried to help them develop time travel under the top secret 'Time Lock' project.


Throughout the 1950's and 1960's the project continued

But a lack of government funding resulted in Time Lock being shut down in the 1970's

Professor Zeitmeister RETURNED TO GERMANY AND continued to work on the project using his own funds, TOGETHER with the help of his son Hans and grandchildren Andrea & Andreas

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Eventually the Zeitmeister family developed a working Time Lock

it could open a portal to any point in the past or the future

The only major problem was that the portal only remained stable for approximately 60 minutes, after which time the link to the past or future couldn't be guaranteed


Today the Time Lock is hidden behind the scenes of a Vintage Shop run by Andrea & Andreas

There are items for sale which have been brought back through the portal


If you can find it, and are brave enough to try, you can travel through the Time Lock and solve the mysteries of time....